Roll-on Application Video

Notes on this Roll-on application video:
  • The "milky" appearance of the floor is from proper screening with 80 grit mesh.

  • Use 2 gallon plastic garden sprinkler can. Cut the top hand-hold off and open the hole with a box knife. Use the side hand-hold to pour, supporting the can from the neck and side hand-hold.

  • The width of the zig-zag wave pattern is between three and four feet.

  • If the floor is 65 feet wide, the quantity of one pour should be around 1.5 gallons.

  • LIGHT PRESSURE ON THE ROLLERS! Only one hand is necessary. Don't press hard.

  • Repeatedly rolling over the same area more than three times is wasting time.

  • The person pouring must watch to keep the Roller's lines straight. Add product to a roller who falls behind and let them catch up with the straight line established by the other rollers.

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